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The Journey to Perfection

Always give 101%

Every step Matters

With Time honoured Tradition, Techniques, Recipes & Smoke

Well Hung Meats Jerky is the brand that says Real!

This is Old fashioned style Jerky, It’s made the Old School way for people that like things the way they used to be.

Like if its not broke don’t fix it.

This is Real Jerky, NO APOLOGIES

Smoked Meat

Our Jerky

Well Hung Meat Jerky Labels
  • Perfect shelf sustainable up to one year.
  • Perfect Road trip awesomeness, Golfing, Hiking, Hunting, Fishing…
  • Keto friendly, High Protein, Perfect!
  • Hickory Smoked
  • Hand cut
  • Hand Hung
  • Never chopped or formed
  • Premium Top Round
  • SmokeHouse Perfection
  • 100% USA Beef
  • Artisan Craft made by hand

Old Fashioned

This classic favorite is Legit. The flavor transcends you back to the early Cowboy days, long hot rides in the saddle. Savory, Smoky & Tangy Crafted with High Quality beef. A Perfect snack anytime.

Sweet & Spicy

The Smoky seasonings make this an all time favorite. Sweet Brown sugar and rustic spices combine in this tantalizing treat it is the holy union of flavors that will leave your mouth waterin that speaks to both sides of the brain! A True palate pleaser.

Teriyaki Beef

With a Awesome combination of Sake, ginger, and soy. It’s pure Awesomeness. Wet & Sticky have there places but not in Jerky. Our Teriyaki Beef Jerky is like no other.

Hot & Spicy

For The Adventurous Jerky Lover. With Hot Seasonings & Smoky Bar-B-Q flavors. This is a must try if you like it Hot. You will Love the excitement in every bite.

Cracked Pepper

An All time Favorite. you can channel your inner cowboy. This authentic Fresh Cracked Pepper brings a tantalizing sinsation to your tongue.. This smoky savory jerky is a real crowd pleaser.


We never rest. It’s in our blood. We are always thinking. What about this, maybe that, and it just lights a fresh fire.

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